Day One in Binghamton


i took a long ride with god and goddess, boring.  they make me sit in the back seat.  all the action is up front.  i think we were driving for 5 days.  finally got to go outside on the grass then 1 second later back in the backseat.  i sleep on their bed, why am i put in the back seat, because i have four legs?  then we stopped one loud place with cement, no good smells there but peepaw was there!  after two seconds back in the back seat i go. 😦image

woke up in a new house with peepaw and karen.  nice digs.  peepaw walked me around the house and there are rooms everywhere, and then he took me downstairs, oh boy lots of stairs, I really like running up the stairs.  When I go down the stairs its no fun but going up is great, i can run so fast, zoom.

i mimageet a new friend but it scares me, it makes a snake noise when I get near it .  its a little smaller then me but jumps real high. im going to call it snake thing.  i know it does not like me but pepaw seems to worship it.  he lets it sleep on his chair and pets it allot.

we go on walks allot.  there is a place close with more grass thenimage.jpeg i ever saw.  peepaw takes me there and we chance my two balls toy. he throws it then i bring it back, sometimes.  i like to make peepaw walk to me.  bol (bark out loud) (video)