Family Reunion 1

We had a great day with our Mac Kenzie clan at Kitty and Cary’s!  Morning sunrise

Colby walking in the creek


Uncle John with Colby and Tom Brady 


Colby by the stream


Colby enjoying the drive

Colby missing Will and Caroline 



Well i got up this morning and Colby was looking for you two. I keep telling her youll be home soon but she has had enough of country living. I was working in the garage and came back in but could not find Colby. Finally I checked the porch and she was packed and ready to go. 

Well i took her back in and unpacked her bag. She was not happy with me and kept tring to get me to leave.

Lets go Peepaw video

Ok some more Colby stuff

Colby with her best friend Jim. 

Colby playing soccer video

Taking a walk along the river

Fun time video

Daily walk

After seeing all you pictures Colby wants to show you her daily walk. Each day she get up and goes into The backyard. 

She lets us put on her leashfor her morning bathroom trip. Then about an hour later we take s nice walk.  We walk from the house to the school for about a two mile loop.  Red line shows our path. 

Then I take a dip in the pool, Colby likes to hang on the deck but no interest in the pool. 

Walking the Front Yard video

Sometimes she just likes to go on the front yard and lay down.

SyFy Colby video

Life on the farm. 

Grand Pa Jim came over for dinner and discovered s new friend.  

Looks like I get no privacy at all.

Out on our morning walks we play catch and Colby has started a pattern of running after the toy, running past me then dropping on the ground and rolling on her back. She seems to like it. 

Stop, Drop and roll

And when I’m working at my desk this is the usual view I have between my feet. 

And no matter how man yu times I tell her no playing in the house.

No playing in the house
She always wants more. 

Play with me
It always ends up like this.