Fly like a Colby

Working on the house all day but got out for some play time



Preparing for family day

wednesday is the big day.  all our campers are scurrying about trying to get ready for parents day.  Everyone is so excited and want to make mom and dad proud of the camp.  Here is camper colby working on one of our benches.

here she is tending to one of our many flower gardens.

and here this busy camper is checking out our grounds for trash and litter (video) yes we encourage our campers not to eat the trash but some of those wrappers are oh so yummy.

Here she is weeding the big blue puddle (video).

here colby is again work on her drill routine, got to keep in step! (video).

Colby. like many of our campers, parents are unable to attend this week’s festivities.  still each and everyone of them works hard and join in the excitement for Wednesdays festivities.  here is colby with her stand in parents.

flat Caroline and Will. (Photo credit to Carrie)