Went out today

So Karen and I went to the storage unit.  Last trip and now it is empty, everything is in the house   Yea!  To accomplish this trip I had to leave Colby home while we were gone for a couple of hours.  So I loaded up her puzzle tray and left her in our bedroom.  As I left she ignored the puzzle and just looked at me with those big eyes like I was such a bad man.

why, oh dear god why.

So I leave her, go to the front of the house get my keys and go out to the car.  When I get there a realize I left my wallet in the bedroom, I turn around and go back (3 minutes maybe) to find this. 

And her sitting and looking like, is that the best you have. 

Colby relaxing on the deck while we eat lunch


Author: wmackenzie2014

Father, husband, Christian, photographer and bird watcher.

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