Crazy Morning

Ok, back still acting up so my lovely assistant, Karen, who was up at 5, took Colby for a run over at the school.  They had a really nice time and came back wet and Sandy.  So my lovely wife decided it was a great time to give Colby a shower.  Colby was really good but came out like a bull in a China shop.  So I grabbed my phone and shot a movie of it.  

You may notice that this is a picture, not a movie, yup wrong button.  So by now Colby calmed down quite a bit but I did get to film the calmer version.


Author: wmackenzie2014

Father, husband, Christian, photographer and bird watcher.

One thought on “Crazy Morning”

  1. thank you Karen! you guys are the best. I’m glad she did good with the bath. when I give her baths and she realizes it’s for her she goes into dead weight mode like a child. and the moment she comes out she gets tons of terrier energy! so I totally know what you were trying to capture. thanks for giving her a little bath! can’t wait to see you and her next week!


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