day two in sleep away camp

i think i really like the summer vacation home. peepaw and karen are almost always around. i get to go on walks all the time and peepaw and i play in the backyard.
today we went back to the big grass place to play with my two balls thing, had so much fun, peepaw would throw it way far away and I would run and run and run to get to it. once I got there i would just lay down and wait for peepaw to come pick it up and and then get to run again.

when we came back from the big grass place I

i went to get a drink of water and my sleeping place smelled like the snake thing.  hmm i  don’t know why.

while playing heavy water start hitting my back, peepaw started running, he runs like he’s carrying a car I had to stop and laugh it was so funny, we ran to a spot where the water stopped hitting my back and sat down. i was still laughing at peepaw, he’s so funny.
after a chance to lay down in the nice dirt i started walking again. then we heard a loud scream like “hoot hoot” I never heard that before. then these big boxes started moving past us, each one looked like it was smelling the hello place of the one in front of it. peepaw said “wow, three engines and 76 cars” he talks funny. So we walked home.

That night we were sitting down and Peepaw brought my squeaky thing in, it’s round and green and I love to bite it.  I carried it all over the house making happy noise with it.  When we went to bed Karen took it away😟 why, why would they take squeaky thing away why?

run after the two ball thing
found my squeaky thing

i love to walk in grass video


Author: Wes MacK

Father, husband, Christian, photographer and bird watcher.

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