Weekend is here

Do you Like my shorts?  Karen can always find me in the dark.  Colby’s getting her strength up for the morning walk.  I’m being lazy because it’s raining out, plus the paper showed up. 

We even got a rainbow at 6 am

the dog can be lighter and it still woorks
Betty, pretending she doesnt love dogs

I can run all day long video

OK peepaw thats enough running around the school today. You can carry me from here.
I am ūüíĮ% sure there is a bunny outside that door on MY yard.

SYFY Colby

See peepaw still makes me walk beside him.


Daily walk

After seeing all you pictures Colby wants to show you her daily walk. Each day she get up and goes into The backyard. 

She lets us put on her leashfor her morning bathroom trip. Then about an hour later we take s nice walk.  We walk from the house to the school for about a two mile loop.  Red line shows our path. 

Then I take a dip in the pool, Colby likes to hang on the deck but no interest in the pool. 

Walking the Front Yard video

Sometimes she just likes to go on the front yard and lay down.

SyFy Colby video

Life on the farm. 

Grand Pa Jim came over for dinner and discovered s new friend.  

Looks like I get no privacy at all.

Out on our morning walks we play catch and Colby has started a pattern of running after the toy, running past me then dropping on the ground and rolling on her back. She seems to like it. 

Stop, Drop and roll

And when I’m working at my desk this is the usual view I have between my feet. 

And no matter how man yu times I tell her no playing in the house.

No playing in the house
She always wants more. 

Play with me
It always ends up like this.

Preparing for family day

wednesday is the big day.  all our campers are scurrying about trying to get ready for parents day.  Everyone is so excited and want to make mom and dad proud of the camp.  Here is camper colby working on one of our benches.

here she is tending to one of our many flower gardens.

and here this busy camper is checking out our grounds for trash and litter (video) yes we encourage our campers not to eat the trash but some of those wrappers are oh so yummy.

Here she is weeding the big blue puddle (video).

here colby is again work on her drill routine, got to keep in step! (video).

Colby. like many of our campers, parents are unable to attend this week’s festivities. ¬†still each and everyone of them works hard and join in the excitement for Wednesdays festivities. ¬†here is colby with her stand in parents.

flat Caroline and Will. (Photo credit to Carrie)


day three in camp for wayward puppies

today peepaw and i went outside our box thing.  it has allot of wood on the ground behind it.  Next to the wood is a big blue puddle of water.  Peepaw is always checking the water and using a big stick to play with the water.  Sometimes he walks into the puddle.  When he does something pulls him under so i run all around the puddle yelling at the thing in there to let peepaw go, then he comes back up.  i am a hero again and can save peepaw allot of times every day.  When will he learn not to go in the puddle, he is so silly

Then we started playing in the back of the puddle in the grass

i think peepaw is magic, he touches my neck and says go. ¬†I run in the yard and something stops me. ¬†how did he do that, he is still on the wood? ¬†it’s nice I get to wander around the back yard all by myself with no one telling me what to do.

next we go in the thing that goes fast. ¬†peepaw tried to bring me up to the front but I know that’s not allowed so I stayed in the back. ¬†peepaw is do silly. ¬†Went went out into the woods with a giant puddle and “watched birds”, why watch them if your not going to catch them and eat them? ¬†Silly, silly. ¬†So we walked and walked and “watched birds”

after all the walking i was very tired.  karen was in the box thing they sleep on so I joined up and went right to sleep.