Last day of sleep away camp

So tonight’s the night for the parents to pickup the kids.  Newark Airport at 7:00 PM.  So we started the day with a nice walk.

Everyday we do our fire drill Stop, Drop and roll.

Of course Colby is the best in class except for the jump-up and run part.  Keep trying to get her to make sure the fire is out before running and jumping.  She just gets so excited. 

All morning she has seemed to be a little anxious, like she knows something I’d going on.  For the first time since arriving she has wined but not needed to go out.  

We will keep you updated as the day goes on.

Being all excited Colby took a bath to get ready for Will and Caroline homecoming.


Rainy Sunday

I’m sure you see rain all the time in Scotland, but we are in a drought here.  Sunday rained all day which was really needed.  Colby got one good walk in the AM and a couple of short ones later on.

On the deck Colby hiding from the rain under the bench.

There is Nothing like wet dog smell.  So Karen is painting her sewing and crafts room and got Colby worked up.  Karen loves to get her worked up, I think Colby likes it too.  They go downstairs and race around the carpet and then come upstairs and slide all over the wood floors.

​So after that Colby finds Nickys only toy that Nicky really loves.  She starts throwing it around, clever girl, then brings it to me.

Saturday, not quite as exciting as a European tour 

While Colby rests with her soccer ball(unfortunately I got the last one of these and she loved  it). She slowly moved to the deck to sit with her best friend.

She goes back in the house for a good night sleep (Yes that is my chicken leg next to her)

She goes to sleep with just one thought on her troubled little mind.  What flight are Will and Caroline on and,now that we know he is coming into Newark Intl (not JFK),what airline and time could they be arriving?  I guess we could wait in Binghamton until we hear after they land. 

Went out today

So Karen and I went to the storage unit.  Last trip and now it is empty, everything is in the house   Yea!  To accomplish this trip I had to leave Colby home while we were gone for a couple of hours.  So I loaded up her puzzle tray and left her in our bedroom.  As I left she ignored the puzzle and just looked at me with those big eyes like I was such a bad man.

why, oh dear god why.

So I leave her, go to the front of the house get my keys and go out to the car.  When I get there a realize I left my wallet in the bedroom, I turn around and go back (3 minutes maybe) to find this. 

And her sitting and looking like, is that the best you have. 

Colby relaxing on the deck while we eat lunch

Crazy Morning

Ok, back still acting up so my lovely assistant, Karen, who was up at 5, took Colby for a run over at the school.  They had a really nice time and came back wet and Sandy.  So my lovely wife decided it was a great time to give Colby a shower.  Colby was really good but came out like a bull in a China shop.  So I grabbed my phone and shot a movie of it.  

You may notice that this is a picture, not a movie, yup wrong button.  So by now Colby calmed down quite a bit but I did get to film the calmer version.